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Official Website of the City of Wilburton, Oklahoma
Welcome to Wilburton, Oklahoma

Carlton Lake

Eastern Oklahoma State College

Wilburton Economic Development Board

Chairman Chad Donoley

A-OK Railroad
Ms. Sue Wagner

President, Latimer

         State Bank

Ms. Dana Hugle

Member at Large

Ms. Mae Mings

Member at Large

Ms. Tamra Tilley

Director, Main Street Program

Director, Chamber of Commerce

Mayor Stephen Brinlee918-465-5361


The Wilburton Economic Development Board was established by approval of Resolution No. 13-1172 by the City Council on March 14, 2013. The mission of the five member board is to ensure economic growth for the City of Wilburton through the consistent recognition and pursuit of economic opportunities.

The members are charged with identifying and discussing available properties for development, aiding and assisting with zoning updates, maintaining a close relationship with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and site locaters working toward creating business and job opportunities, developing water and sewer utilities for growth, identifying and pursuing available grants, advertising City of Wilburton economic opportunities, and assisting the Mayor and the City Council in their economic pursuits.

For answer to your inquiries concerning economic development in the community, or any questions you may have, contact us by using the "Send s Message" form on this page.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

Wilburton Chamber of Commerce

Wilburton Main Street Program

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