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City Water Supply

   The City of Wilburton's water supply looks cloudy at this time.  There are two reasons for this:  one is the lake is turning over and this puts Iron and Manganese in the drinking water; and the other one is the Water Maintenance Supervisor is flushing out several of the water hydrants around the City to clear the lines.  It is anticipated the water will return to normal in two (2) weeks or less.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for our public drinking water supply,  Per the EPA the presence of manganese and iron affects the aesthetics (color and odor), but do not cause human health effects; while the water may have a color or odor, it will not cause adverse health effects.

    The Iron is a naturally occurring element that if present above the standard of 300 ug/1 , will produce a red-orange color, which increases as the amount of iron in the water increases.  If a person or an animal drinks the water containing iron, there is no adverse effects.

    The Manganese is also a natural element which can often be seen or smelled in the drinking water.  The EPA standard for manganese is 50 ug/l so if the level is above, it may be cloudy, form black precipitates, contribute to mineral depositing in pipes or cause darkening of clothing during washing.  


   **Wash clothing in COLD Water;  hot water will increase the levels of discoloration.

    **Do NOT use bleach to whiten clothes.   There will be an adverse reaction and the material will look worse.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.  For further information or to have your questions answered, please call the Water Department at City Hall at 918-465-2662.  


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