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News and Announcements

WARNING!!! Burglary Ring in Action

     A rash of robberies occurred within and around the City of Wilburton in recent months.  While several people have been arrested, Mayor Brinlee is alerting our citizens to be aware of this issue.  He asks that each household take precautions to ensure they are not victimized:

      1.  Make sure all doors and windows are secure and locked at all times.  The thieves have been successful in entering unsecured garage doors, vehicles and sheds.

       2.  Ensure all outdoor lights are working and replace burned out light bulbs.

       3.  Be aware of your dog's reaction/barking; check out any "alerts".

       4.  Trim bushes which might shelter and hide the thieves.  

       5.  Be aware of strangers driving or walking around your property or cruising around the neighborhood.

        6.  Call Police Dispatch, 918-465-2561 or 2161, if you see anything suspicious.

        BE WATCHFUL!

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