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News and Announcements

HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT, 5pm to 8pm, 31 October

    Mayor Brinlee reminded all citizens that with the many families walking up and down our City streets, it is Imperative that drivers are alert and proceed with caution.   The youngsters are very excited and prone to dash across a street without looking. 

     Ch Bias will have his officers stationed throughout Wilburton to remind us to drive carefully.  BUT, they also will have treats for everyone who comes up and says that very important phrase, "Trick or Treat!"

     To indicate Trick or Treaters are welcome, citizens should turn on the porch light.  If a citizen does not want any Trick or Treaters to approach their door, he should leave his porch light off.   Families with Trick or Treaters should respect the signal of leaving the porch light off and not knock on that door.

      Have a good time, but Be Careful!

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