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News and Announcements

Entries for 2013


  The City of Wilburton has raised the rates for water and sewer for the first time in several years as a result of the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 audit.  Mayor Brinlee stated the average bill will increase approximately $7.00 with the exact amount determined by the amount (gallons) of water used by the household.  The rates go into effect with the results of the meters being read for the August billing cycle. Customers will notice the increase on their statements being sent out the end of August and due for payment by September 10th.


The City of Wilburton Recycling Center has adjusted their hours to help the staff who collect all the materials from the recycling bins staged around the City beat the heat of summer.   By starting their day at 6:30am, they will be able to empty most of their containers before the hottest temperatures set in.


  Working to prevent the threat of sometimes deadly illness from a mosquito bite, the City of Wilburton is halfway through the plan to spray the entire city to eradicate mosquitoes.  Residents will see the City pickup driving slowly down the streets and alleys with an employee in the pickup bed spraying the mosquito-deadly liquid.  While deadly for mosquitoes, it is harmless to pets, vegetation, and humans.

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