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City Facilities Closed December 22nd

      Mayor Stephen Brinlee has determined that the predicted Artic Cold Front is severe; and therefore, has issued Executive Order 2022-4 to close the City Facilities (Senior Citizens Center, Police Department, Water Treatment Plant).    Temperatures are expected to begin at 33 degrees and then plummet throughout the day to 4 degrees below zero. with winds of up to 45mph to bring the wind chill temperatures to 20 below zero.  This is to be accompanied by icy rain or snow.

     Mayor Brinlee took steps to protect the health, the welfare, and the safety of the employees by ensuring they can remain in their homes and do not have to travel to and from their work location.  

    Should you have any questions or have a situation needing assistance, please call 918-465-2161. 

NOTE:  The Wilburton City Council previously approved Friday, 23 December, and Monday, December 26th, as 2023 approved Holidays.

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