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Pick-A-Star In Latimer County

   Your Latimer County Pick-A-Star Foundation has found this year to be exceptionally challenging.  We received 115 applications which reflects over 238 children, group home, and nursing home nominations, many more than the 73 applications of 2012.    However, the generosity of the residents, businesses, organizations, and churches of Latimer County will carry us to succeed in providing the wish lists of each person, no matter the age.   Every child will get a set of clothes, pair of shoes, a coat if requested and a toy, while every adult will get clothes and their wish list item(s).

   The donations for the purchases were from your generosity.  It is obvious, the citizens have good hearts.  But that is only one part of the program that is critical: the other critical factor is the volunteers.  Without them the program would be ineffective, a failure.  There would be no one to man the tree, shop, wrap, assemble the food baskets, and distribute to the "stars".  That takes many volunteers. And your fellow residents have been right there to fill the need.  

   And this is a good time to thank the Foundation Board Members who have been tireless in their efforts to make the program successful by planning, scheduling, and keeping track of all the administrative requirements for such a large task, as well as filling in to complete any job asked of them.  And thanks to their families who took care of the home front and the children while the volunteers were making sure business was taken care of.


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