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Carlton Lake

Eastern Oklahoma State College

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The City has been really successful thus far with our recycling program. Please remember that we must work to reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling for plastics, aluminum, cardboard, and paper are at the City Hall parking lot or you may bring your items to the Recycle Building at 1409 W. Stovall.

We are proud to announce a partnership with the Wilburton School 4H Program!  They provided the new recycling containers in front of Roy's Cardinal Store and we provide the labor to empty them.  We have also partnered with the Wilburton High School Band, EOSC, and several other organizations.  You will notice our solar compactors as various parks; when the trash bin gets full, the compactor automatically uses the stored sun energy to mash it down!!  Watch us move ever upward in our quest to build the City of Wilburton Recycling Program!

Please help us help our environment and recycle!

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