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News and Announcements

Halloween Trick or Treat in Wilburton

The City Council of Wilburton has scheduled the period of 5:00pm to 8:30pm, Thursday, October 31, for the City of Wilburton young people to conduct their Halloween Trick or Treat fun.   Mayor Brinlee stated the scheduled time should allow those families who do not get home from work until 5:00 or later enough time to complete dinner, dress kids in their costumes and then go Trick or Treating in their neighborhood.

As usual, residents who want to participate in the fun should turn their porch lights on. Trick or Treaters should not go to homes if the porch light is not on.

Ch Bias stated he will have his patrolmen out in full force to watch for the safety of those walking up and down the City streets.   He urged all motorists whether on or in two and four-wheeled vehicles to be aware of the families unexpectedly crossing the roads and streets. DRIVE DEFENSIVELY! Let's not have any accidents or incidents this year.

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